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Betsy came to us as a foster placement through Barbary Coast Bull Terrier Rescue. My husband and I had adopted a mini-bull terrier from a mid-west rescue a few years ago and felt fostering would be a way for us to be involved with the local bull terrier community and allow our little guy to have some doggie buddies. A few months ago, we became involved in the club as we were eager to start fostering our first standard bull terrier. Betsy then entered into our lives......

When we picked up Betsy, she was overweight and the skin on her back was still healing from a skin infection (she has some permanent scarring). Betsy's easy-going, happy go lucky personality was evident from the first time we met her. We didn't know much about her previous 5 years but she was eager to give us lots of kisses and flash her winning bull terrier smile. After a week of fostering, my husband and I knew we were going to adopt her- she was truly a natural fit for our family. With diligent meal management and plenty of exercise, Betsy is almost at a normal weight, and she has more spring in her step (or should I say jumps). We can't imagine not having Betsy in our lives and hope she has many years of happiness in our home.    .....Noelle

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