Sumaya – Watsonville, CA – Adopted!

SumayaXmasThis 7mo muffin was surrendered to the shelter when her owner became homeless. She did wonderfully with the dogs at the shelter as well as the Bull Terriers in her foster home. She loves people and is still all about play, although very rough, and mouthy with lots of jumping and play bows. Sumaya will like be fine with another dog as long as it’s one who’ll be tolerant of her rough play style. She is learning about crates and house training. If your information is not on file, please complete our application ( so that we can get to know you better.

Sam Sam – Lynnwood, WA – Placed by Owner


Who would like to foster/foster-to-adopt this older little girl? Sam Sam will be 8 years old in January but she can still be an active girl who enjoys her walks. She’s a compact little 40lb muffin who hasn’t been socialized with other dogs so she can be too forward in meeting them. She might be OK living with a laidback male but may be too mouthy with the kitties. Sam Sam is not a fan of the small dogs. Most of all, Sam Sam LOVES people; and she is one of the biggest cuddle monsters we’ve ever known. She’s ready to leave for the San Francisco area on 11/20 (Sunday) but I thought I’d check in to see if anyone might be local interest in this little gem.

If your information is not on file, our application can be found here: Thank you for any consideration!

Snoopy in Stanton, CA – Adopted!

SnoopyTableNameSnoopy is a sweet 10mo guy who was surrendered to the shelter due to landlord issues.  He is wonderful with other dogs and has wanted to play with a kitty that he met on a walk.  He’s an active little guy and with his longer legs, would be an excellent candidate for agility work. Snoopy is leash, crate and house trained.

If your information is not on file, our application can be found here:

Millie in Clearlake, CA – Staying With Owner!

MillieFieldNameMillie was placed by her owner in May but that placement didn’t work so now she needs another home ASAP. This sweet girl girl is an energetic 10yo girl who loves to walk but also enjoys being a lazy indoor girl. She is great with kids and other dogs. Millie survived an attack by a neighbor’s dog when she was 5; and she had to have a tracheostomy (procedure to cut into the trachea to allow breathing). The opening needs to be cleaned at least once a day; and she must be kept away from water (no swimming) and carefully bathed to ensure that water does not get into the opening as she can choke or drown. Instead of wearing a collar, she’ll need to wear a harness to protect the opening and avoid things from falling into it. Other than that, this 34lb girl is a picture of health. She is house (uses a doggy door) and leash trained and may need a refresher on crate training. Does anyone have room in your home to foster/foster-to-adopt this wonderful little girl? She still has so much life to her and enjoys each day to its fullest!
More information on caring for a dog with a tracheostomy can be found here:
If your information is not on file, our application can be found here:

Cash in Concord, CA – Adopted!

CashShelterNameCashShelter2NameCash is a delightful 9mo guy who was surrendered to the shelter when his owner could not afford the surgery to treat the fractured femur bone in his right hind leg.  He has been seen by a GP and an ortho surgeon – as the bones are fusing quite nicely, both vets have opined that the best thing to do is let it heal on its own.  Cash is a very energetic guy who is good with other dogs (we’re not sure how he is with the kitties).  He’s super sweet and very affectionate; this 45lb guy is house and crate trained but will need a bit more work on a leash.  Does anyone have room for this sweet bouncy guy?

If your information is not on file, our application can be found here:

Camilla in San Francisco, CA

CamillaSPCANameA Good Samaritan found Camilla, an older lab and 10 mixed puppies in an abandoned, dilapidated trailer in the country. They were all very emaciated and had multiple puncture wounds and lacerations. All but Camilla have been adopted. She is recovering nicely but still has a bit of skin infections to be resolved (she is negative for mange). Camilla is very people and dog friendly but she is not a friend of the kitties. Update: This little dumpling walks perfectly on a leash, loves car rides and is comfortable spending time in a kennel or crate. Camilla is about 4-5 years old; and she weighs around 50lbs.  She is very sweet and gentle; and she is still very confused.  I think that she is afraid to love again for fear of being abandoned yet another time.

If your information is not on file, our application can be found here:

Trace in Porterville, CA – Adoption Pending

TraceSmileName TraceDrainsNameOur heartstrings were pulled in a major way when the shelter called us about Trace who is about 7-8 years old – he was not walking and was so depressed. We rescued this sweet guy and after vetting, antibiotics, surgery to remove abscesses on one of his front legs, and a wonderful diet from his foster mom, he is good as new!  He is great with other dogs and finds horses interesting in a good way.  His energy level is pretty low and he is one of most affectionate guys you’ll ever meet. Do you have a spot for this wonderful 45lb guy to hang his hat?

If your information is not on file, our application can be found here:

Bentley in San Francisco, CA

BentleyCuteNameBentley is a 2yo guy who wandered into a ranch in Prunedale, CA and made friends with the resident cattle.  We rescued Bentley from the shelter after he recovered from pneumonia. This 50lb guy is good with dogs but unknown with the kitties.  Bentley is crate and leash trained; he keeps his crate clean so we believe that he is house trained.  Does anyone have room in their hearts and home for this sweet and affectionate guy?

If your information is not on file, our application can be found here:


Rocky in Sebastopol, CA – Adoption Pending

RockySmileNameRocky became homeless when the mobile home park his family was living on closed. This 15mo guy is super sweet and so people-focused.  He hasn’t been taught any manners but he should learn them quickly as he is so eager to please. Rocky is being crate trained at our interim boarding kennel and he’ll some house training as he lived outside or in the garage in his former home.  He was wonderful with the three toddlers in his former family but his energetic antics might accidentally knock down the little ones.  Although he did not live with other dogs, he was good with the ones in the mobile home park.  We do not know how this 45lb guy is with the kitties.

Rocky’s slideshow:

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Murphy in Sebastopol, CA – ADOPTED!

MurphySideNamePoor Murphy! After being stolen and recovered the next day in July, his family’s rented home has been sold and the only affordable housing option is an apartment where pets are not allowed. Would anyone be available to foster/foster to adopt this super sweet and dreamy 5yo guy? He is good with dogs of all sizes and has lived with a submissive male bull breed mix without any issues. He has been great with the toddlers in his family, is house trained, is good on a leash and may need a refresher on crate training.
His original link:

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