Arya – Western Washington USA 🐶

Arya is now available for adoption. This little bundle of joy is 2-3 years old. Dog friendly with proper slow introduction. She is around 40-45lbs. She has been vetted and spayed. Arya’s requested a home with someone who has time to work on training, she enjoys learning but needs to trust you first. Arya is currently being fostered in Western Washington. If your information is not yet on file, please complete our online application:

You can follow her updates here:

Josie – Puyallup Area, WA

Josie is our newest little addition in WA. She just got a ride in from Klamath Falls OR where she was found as a stray. This tri-colored girl is a little bit of a mystery but so far likes other dogs and playing. Interested in cats a little too much. Will get better info on age and health after she is properly vetted. Shelter thinks 4-5; we think a bit younger. She weighs 37lbs and is a smallish standard or a larger mini. Stay tuned for more information as we unravel the mystery that is Josie.