RockyBedtimeNameRocky (formerly Harry) is returning to our Rescue as his owner’s new husband cannot overcome his fear of dogs despite numerous therapy sessions. Rocky is now almost 3 years old and he weighs about 45lbs. Although he got along with a small dog in his prior home, he’s been a bit grumpy towards the dogs in his interim foster spot. Rocky had a bit of a limp when he first arrived in our Rescue. An ortho review showed an old injury to his hip that has healed on its own. Surgery was not recommended and Rocky has been doing well with joint supplements. Rocky is crate, leash and house trained. If anyone’s interested in fostering him, we certainly wouldn’t mind! His ideal foster home is one where he’s the only pet so that we can determine his boundaries with other dogs and if he has any pain in his hip. Thanks for any consideration! ~Suz

Rocky’s original album:

Roxy – Stockton


2yo Roxy is great with dogs and with cats that don’t beat her up.  She is WONDERFUL with the 6yo autistic son in her family.  Her owner is a single dad who is finding it difficult to care for his son and a pet.  Roxy is 25-30lbs; she is crate and leash trained.  She’s been having accidents but it may be from the stress of having her quality time greatly curtailed.

TKO – San Francisco


TKO flunked all of his shelter tests as he was terrified  in the shelter.  He’s been polite with calm dogs but has been reactive to the ones that snarf at him or have a higher/nervous energy level.  We found a big sweetheart that can redirect when stressed but he’ll wind down quickly if calming signals are given.  We’re giving TKO ample time to decompress and adapting to a home environment before we start to gently push his buttons.  TKO is about 3 years old; he weighs in at about 65-70 pounds.  He loves riding in cars and sitting on swings.

Please stay tuned for TKO’s progress!

Diesel – Concord

DieselThis sweet boy is about 3 years old; he is good with other dogs, cats and young children. Unfortunately, his foster-to-adopt spots keep falling through. Anyone have room for this sweetie? He is crate, house and leash trained.  He has been great with the older female Bull Terrier in his current foster spot.  Diesel will be neutered in the next few weeks; and he will be Available shortly after.

More information about this sweetheart can be found here: