Lost BTs

If you have lost a Bull Terrier…
If your Bull Terrier is lost or stolen, please follow these steps:

  • Complete and send the Bull Terrier Club of America (BTCA)
    Lost/Stolen Bull Terrier form located at: http://bullterrierclubofamericarescue.com/cms_rescue/index.php/rescue-forms/lost-bull-terrier-form
    (the BTCA will forward the form to the appropriate regional
    rescue representatives).
  • If your dog is microchipped, you might check with the microchip company to ensure that the chip is registered to you and that they have your current information.
  • Place “lost” ads in local newspapers and Craigslist as they are free. List when and where you lost the dog. For example, “LOST Bull Terrier, brindle, vicinity of Main & 4th, Jul 4, (415) 123-4567” This describes what, where, when and who to contact.
  • Visit your local animal shelters everyday if possible, don’t just call. Go through the shelter’s “Found” book and leave a description of your Bull Terrier in the “Lost” section.
  • Check with neighbors and particularly children – – it’s amazing how much kids know about a neighborhood.
  • Post and distribute flyers where you last saw your dog. Place bold, easy to read posters on busy streets and in the windows of local grocery stores and convenience markets, if they’ll let you. Distribute flyers to your mail carrier, veterinarians, groomers, and the local shelter. Include a picture, if possible and offer a reward.
  • Never give up hope. Some dogs are located months after their disappearance.

If you have found a Bull Terrier…
Don’t let their cute stocky bodies fool you, Bull Terriers can be excellent athletes and clever escape artists! The Bull Terrier you found is likely a cherished family member out on a little adventure. Please follow these steps to ensure a happy reunion:

  • Complete and send the Bull Terrier Club of America’s (BTCA) Found Bull Terrier Form (http://bullterrierclubofamericarescue.com/cms_rescue/index.php/rescue-forms/found-form). The BTCA will forward the information to the appropriate rescue contacts in your area.
  • Bring the dog to a vet’s office to check for a microchip, if none is found or there is no owner information you can check with your jurisdiction’s Found Dog protocols, or
  • Please take the dog to the shelter nearest where it was found. There the dog will be scanned for a microchip and entered into the shelter system.
  • If the dog is in WA, OR, CA, NV or UT please let us know the dog’s Animal ID number and we will track the dog for updates.
  • Thank you for caring enough to help a lost Bull Terrier!

Updated 10/20/21