Chico in San Francisco, CA – Deaf

Chico is a very loving and affectionate 3-4yo guy.  He is deaf but you’d never know it as he is so attentive and eager to please. This 55lb guy is mellow but will need an experienced handler due to his deafness and high prey drive. He has learned basic manners but will need continued training on how not to take treats like a bear trap. Dear Chico is crate, house and leash trained (on his walks, he loves to sit for treats after he poops). If your information is not yet on file, please complete our application which can be found here:
Deaf Dog Resources
Deaf Dogs Rock:
Deaf Dog Education Action Fund:


Stubby – Livermore, CA – In Foster-to-Adopt Home

StubbyMeet Stubby!  He is a young and fun Miniature Bull Terrier who is looking for a foster home!  He liked to chase his tail; but he hasn’t done since we had him sport a snug teeshirt.   Stubby is hanging out at a Livermore kennel since we are packed to the rafters everywhere.  If you have room for a 1-2 year old guy who might require a bit of patience if he starts chasing his tail, Stubby would sure appreciate it.  He’s only 30lbs so he promises not to take up much room! His PLL status: CLEAR.

If your information is not on file, our application can be found here:

Missy in Sebastopol, CA – Adopted!

MissySmile2NameHey y’all, my name is Missy. I have the most active personality and I need some help with not getting over exerted. I have a heart murmur that doesn’t want me to get too excited. My mind says “Go!” but my heart says “Whoa!”. It’s going to take someone special who really wants to take care of me. I am 4 years old and around 50lbs. I need some reminders about my manners but I’m good at listening. I love to do anything for treats! I like hanging out with mellow male BTs. They are more my style.

If your information is not on file, our application can be found here:

Turbo, Deaf – Bakersfield

TurboTurbo is a super sweet deaf guy who also has microphthalmia. This condition consists of an eye that is smaller than the other. Usually, the internal structures of the eyeball are abnormal as well; and the eyeball can gradually shrink and be reabsorbed. It is likely that he is partial or completely blind in that eye. There is no treatment for this condition and dogs lead normal, wonderful lives. Cataracts may develop and removal of the eye (enucleation) could be a possibility in the future. An Orange Coast Bull Terrier Club member evaluated him on Thursday and wanted to take him home!!! You’d never know that he’s deaf and may be visually impaired in one eye as he is so affectionate and is the happiest little guy. Turbo is about 2-3 years old and weighs about 35lbs. He wanted to play with other dogs in the shelter and has not met any cats during his stay there. Turbo may need a refresher on leash and crate training; the shelter reports that he is housebroken. Is there room anywhere for this little clown? If your information is not yet on file, our application can be found here: Thank you for any consideration!

More information on microphtalmia can be found here:

Hayworth, Deaf – Reno, NV – – Adoption Pending


Welcome to the Hayworth Show! This lovable 66lb guy is deaf but you’d never know it! He’s unflappable with chickens and other dogs but will get quite worked up when he sees cats. He loves to climb on laps; and he’s a total massage addict! Hayworth is about 3-4 years old. He’s crate and house trained but will need a refresher on leash manners as he tends to tug during walks. He’s a messy eater, drools a ton, doesn’t care for toys and is a total DORK! He can have stubborn streaks during walks so be prepared to coax him back to walking mode. What can we say? The world revolves around Hayworth as he is irresistibly SPECIAL!  More pictures of Hayworth can be found in his Facebook photo album.


RoxieRoxie was involved in an incident where she grabbed a tiny Shih Tzu and shook it.  The Shih Tzu did not die from the injuries but they were severe and the chances of her surviving surgery were not good so she had to be euthanized. Due to this incident, sweet Roxie has been designated a “Vicious” dog in the county of San Mateo.  She is a very loving and affectionate girl with people and can be good with medium/large dogs on a short-term basis as long as there is a slow and careful introduction.  We are looking for a special home for Roxie – a bull breed savvy home located in a jurisdiction outside of San Mateo without restrictive requirements for dogs carrying her label.  This little lovebug is 4 years old (born April 2010); and she weighs about 45lbs.   She can be sound sensitive and will alarm bark at noises that she perceives as irregular or are threats/intrusions (she has re-directed at other dogs by growling at them). For this reason, Roxie’s ideal home is one where she’s the only pet. She has been great with the 11yo boy who was her best friend in her former home. Roxie is crate, leash and house trained. She is fostered in San Francisco.

Updated 4/6/14