Our Programs

Thanks to a caring and generous bully community, we are able to offer various services to help needy eggheads in California, Oregon, Washington and Nevada (out of area support may be considered on a case-by-case basis). Listed below are high level program descriptions; please contact Suz if you would like more information about a particular program.

Adoption Program
Bull Terriers in crisis are rescued, evaluated and placed in prescreened homes. An automatic 2-3 week test drive period is included with each adoption – – you tell us when you’re ready to finalize the adoption. Our support doesn’t end with our dogs’ placements; we’re here for you and them during its lifetime. As we understand life changes can be unexpected and sudden, our dogs are welcomed back with open arms at any time. We want you to have a great Bull Terrier experience!

Foster Home Program
Kennel fees are the bulk of our expenses (the other being veterinary fees). Foster parents are one of our most important assets as they help us control the kennel expense as well as prepare our dogs for adoption by observing and reporting their behaviors, and teaching them basic obedience, crate and house training. We are currently in great need of foster homes in CA, NV, UT and the Pacific Northwest.

Volunteer Program
Volunteers are another vital asset as we depend on these kind folks to help with transport, breed verifications and home visits. We wouldn’t be able to cover such vast California, Oregon, and Washington areas without this valuable resource!  Due to resource shortages, we are covering Nevada and Utah on a limited basis.

Bullyhaven Program
Bullyhaven is where senior Bull Terriers and Pit Bulls live out their golden years as cherished family members in a warm and loving private home. Bullies with disabilities and/or special medical needs are considered on a case-by-case basis. This program is subject to space availability and other criteria to ensure the safety and well-being of the Bullyhaven residents.

Hospice Program
Our Hospice Program ensures that terminally ill Bull Terriers have a loving, safe and warm home environment during their last weeks/months. Veterinary care, medications and quality of life are carefully monitored to ensure that these precious ones remain pain-free and dignified during their borrowed time. This program is also subject to space availability and other criteria to ensure the safety and well-being of the other pets in the hospice home.

Compassion Program
Our Compassion Program offers a day or two of love and good eats for Bull Terriers in the shelter system that are severely dog-aggressive or have medical issues that are too substantial for our hospice program. Although this task can be heartbreaking, the reward is letting these dogs peacefully slip away in loving arms. Sadly the love and care received during these precious days are often more than what they’ve received during their lifetime.

Community Services Program
Our Community Services Program provides various community support such as:
– Assisting victims of domestic violence who wish to find safe accommodations for their Bull Terriers
– Providing resources for low-cost spay, neuter and vaccination services
– Providing food to dogs whose families are having financial hardships and responding to owners with Bull Terriers in need in the homeless and low income communities.

Bull Terrier Help Desk
Regardless of how you came to be owned by a Bull Terrier, our Help Desk is available to help with knowledgeable advice on a wide range of subjects which include health, behavior, and nutritional issues. We care about the dogs, and we care about you, too. We want you to be happy with your Bull Terrier!

Season Of Sharing Program
Each year around the holidays, we keep an eye out for a special owned Bull Terrier that needs financial assistance.We would love for each Bull Terrier to stay with his/her family but accept that if we can help only one annually, it’s better than none. Here are some of the special Bull Terriers helped by a wonderful Bull Terrier community:

2019 – Spike
2021 – Sammy
2022 – Renzo



Last updated 9/8/22