Trace in Porterville, CA – ADOPTED!

TraceSmileName TraceDrainsNameOur heartstrings were pulled in a major way when the shelter called us about Trace who is about 7-8 years old – he was not walking and was so depressed. We rescued this sweet guy and after vetting, antibiotics, surgery to remove abscesses on one of his front legs, and a wonderful diet from his foster mom, he is good as new!  He is great with other dogs and finds horses interesting in a good way.  His energy level is pretty low and he is one of most affectionate guys you’ll ever meet. Do you have a spot for this wonderful 45lb guy to hang his hat?

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Bentley in San Francisco, CA

BentleyCuteNameBentley is a 2yo guy who wandered into a ranch in Prunedale, CA and made friends with the resident cattle.  We rescued Bentley from the shelter after he recovered from pneumonia. This 50lb guy is good with dogs but unknown with the kitties.  Bentley is crate and leash trained; he keeps his crate clean so we believe that he is house trained.  Does anyone have room in their hearts and home for this sweet and affectionate guy?

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Rocky in Sebastopol, CA – ADOPTED!

RockySmileNameRocky became homeless when the mobile home park his family was living on closed. This 15mo guy is super sweet and so people-focused.  He hasn’t been taught any manners but he should learn them quickly as he is so eager to please. Rocky is being crate trained at our interim boarding kennel and he’ll some house training as he lived outside or in the garage in his former home.  He was wonderful with the three toddlers in his former family but his energetic antics might accidentally knock down the little ones.  Although he did not live with other dogs, he was good with the ones in the mobile home park.  We do not know how this 45lb guy is with the kitties.

Rocky’s slideshow:

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Murphy in Sebastopol, CA – ADOPTED!

MurphySideNamePoor Murphy! After being stolen and recovered the next day in July, his family’s rented home has been sold and the only affordable housing option is an apartment where pets are not allowed. Would anyone be available to foster/foster to adopt this super sweet and dreamy 5yo guy? He is good with dogs of all sizes and has lived with a submissive male bull breed mix without any issues. He has been great with the toddlers in his family, is house trained, is good on a leash and may need a refresher on crate training.
His original link:

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Stubby – Livermore, CA – In Foster-to-Adopt Home

StubbyMeet Stubby!  He is a young and fun Miniature Bull Terrier who is looking for a foster home!  He liked to chase his tail; but he hasn’t done since we had him sport a snug teeshirt.   Stubby is hanging out at a Livermore kennel since we are packed to the rafters everywhere.  If you have room for a 1-2 year old guy who might require a bit of patience if he starts chasing his tail, Stubby would sure appreciate it.  He’s only 30lbs so he promises not to take up much room! His PLL status: CLEAR.

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Oscar in San Francisco, CA

OscarSitMedNameMeet Oscar, a delightful almost 4.5yo (born 4/26/12) guy who is extremely affectionate and people focused.  His energy level is about moderate although you need stand back when he does his daily zoomies around the house.  Oscar is dog-selective…he has met two of my neutered male Bull Terriers without any issues, however he has bitten two Bulldogs in his prior home.  The injuries were not serious (and there’s a chance that he was being territorial).  Taking this into account, we are looking for a home that is experienced with dogs that do not play well with others.  He’s one of the happiest dogs that you’ll ever meet and as much as he loves going on walks, he loves going back home even more and will occasionally bark with joy when he’s approaching the house. Oscar is about 65lbs; and he is house, crate and leash trained.

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Pet Pride Day – San Francisco, October 30 (12PM – 5PM)


Join us for an afternoon of fun at the SF Animal Care & Control Shelter and Rescue Row!  It’ll be a block party with pet costume contests, animal demos,  a pet photo booth, dog-toy making booth, free microchipping for SF residents ($20 for non-residents), food trucks, activities for kids, a beer garden, pet product vendors, a raffle (top prize is two Virgin American airline tickets) and adoptions from ACC and other local animal rescue groups.

Sunday, October 30 from 12PM to 5PM at 1200 15th Street (at Alabama)

Bay Area Pet Fair – San Rafael, October 15 & 16 (10AM to 5PM)

PFEPetFairWe are participating in the Bay Area Pet again this year!! Bring your Bull Terriers to represent our awesome breed and join in the fun!

Saturday & Sunday, October 15 & 16 from 10am – 5pm
The Marin Center (10 Avenue of the Flags) in San Rafael

Over 70 pet rescues and shelters will be in attendance with more than 1,000 adoptable animals. Admission and parking are free, plus there will be free, live shows, free activities for kids & dogs, food trucks, lots of giveaways and loads of vendors!

Gronk in Santa Clara, CA – Adopted!


UPDATE: Gronk is recovering from demodectic manage and is on his final treatment.  He is actually not as high energy as originally thought – he’s a typical Bull Terrier who is pretty chill after a couple of two daily long walks.  As a shelter favorite, he is spending time at a staff member’s office where he likes to hang out under a bed with blankets after his walks. The shelter will start crate training him this week in preparation of us taking him into our adoption program. He seems to be house trained as he will wait for his walks to do his business; and he hasn’t had any accidents in the office. He did well with a couple of intact male Pit Bulls when he was still intact, a couple of female Pit Bulls when he was neutered and he completely ignores the small dogs that snark at him when he walks by their kennels. He’ll be walked by some kenneled kitties this week.  Gronk is truly a diamond in the rough.   More about mange can be found here:
Gronk Fun Fact:  After his afternoon walk, Gronk likes to go underneath his Kuranda bed, pull in his blanket and toys and look at you until he falls asleep.
He is spazzy, he is a force to be reckoned with and he is ridiculously sweet. He is Gronk! This busybody is about 3-4 years old; and he is ready to leave the shelter life way behind him! He can get overstimulated easily and will redirect with love nips so he’ll need to learn some boundaries and manners. He is wonderful with people and tested nicely with other dogs. We do not know how he is the kitties and kiddies. C’mon – you need some Gronk in your life! He’s looking for a foster spot so that he can enter our adoption program…won’t you make that wish come true for him?

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Zeus in Sebastopol, CA – Adopted!

ZeusBundocksNameHello! My name is Zeus. Everyone here is trying to figure me out. I can tell you this, I LOVE female humans but there is something about the men I do not like. They make me nervous. I am not a fan of kitties or other dogs. I would prefer to have you all to myself. When all of these things are not in my environment, I will be the most loving dog you have ever met. I will sit in your lap and snuggle with you. When I am with you, my tail says everything I am thinking. I really want you to stay with me all day because if you do, be ready for some sweet kisses and lots of tail wagging. I am 2 years old and I weigh in at about 50lbs.

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