Clyde – San Francisco


If you have a yard and your schedule doesn’t permit much walks, Clyde would be perfect in your home. We don’t know if if he wasn’t socialized enough as a pup or if it’s a genetic thing, but Clyde is extremely bashful with people. He doesn’t aggress but will try to bolt if approached by strangers. Once he’s comfortable with you, he is truly a loving and devoted companion who loves cuddling as much as roughhousing. He is amazingly content to be a super affectionate hermit and loves basking outdoors in the sun! Clyde is about 3.5 years old and about 55lbs. This dear boy is house, crate and leash trained (until he sees a person!). He is good with other dogs on a short-term basis but seems to want his person/family all to himself. Clyde has not encountered any kitties on his short walks.