Cash in Concord, CA – Adopted!

CashShelterNameCashShelter2NameCash is a delightful 9mo guy who was surrendered to the shelter when his owner could not afford the surgery to treat the fractured femur bone in his right hind leg.  He has been seen by a GP and an ortho surgeon – as the bones are fusing quite nicely, both vets have opined that the best thing to do is let it heal on its own.  Cash is a very energetic guy who is good with other dogs (we’re not sure how he is with the kitties).  He’s super sweet and very affectionate; this 45lb guy is house and crate trained but will need a bit more work on a leash.  Does anyone have room for this sweet bouncy guy?

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Murphy in Sebastopol, CA – ADOPTED!

MurphySideNamePoor Murphy! After being stolen and recovered the next day in July, his family’s rented home has been sold and the only affordable housing option is an apartment where pets are not allowed. Would anyone be available to foster/foster to adopt this super sweet and dreamy 5yo guy? He is good with dogs of all sizes and has lived with a submissive male bull breed mix without any issues. He has been great with the toddlers in his family, is house trained, is good on a leash and may need a refresher on crate training.
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Gronk in Santa Clara, CA – Adopted!


UPDATE: Gronk is recovering from demodectic manage and is on his final treatment.  He is actually not as high energy as originally thought – he’s a typical Bull Terrier who is pretty chill after a couple of two daily long walks.  As a shelter favorite, he is spending time at a staff member’s office where he likes to hang out under a bed with blankets after his walks. The shelter will start crate training him this week in preparation of us taking him into our adoption program. He seems to be house trained as he will wait for his walks to do his business; and he hasn’t had any accidents in the office. He did well with a couple of intact male Pit Bulls when he was still intact, a couple of female Pit Bulls when he was neutered and he completely ignores the small dogs that snark at him when he walks by their kennels. He’ll be walked by some kenneled kitties this week.  Gronk is truly a diamond in the rough.   More about mange can be found here:
Gronk Fun Fact:  After his afternoon walk, Gronk likes to go underneath his Kuranda bed, pull in his blanket and toys and look at you until he falls asleep.
He is spazzy, he is a force to be reckoned with and he is ridiculously sweet. He is Gronk! This busybody is about 3-4 years old; and he is ready to leave the shelter life way behind him! He can get overstimulated easily and will redirect with love nips so he’ll need to learn some boundaries and manners. He is wonderful with people and tested nicely with other dogs. We do not know how he is the kitties and kiddies. C’mon – you need some Gronk in your life! He’s looking for a foster spot so that he can enter our adoption program…won’t you make that wish come true for him?

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Zeus in Sebastopol, CA – Adopted!

ZeusBundocksNameHello! My name is Zeus. Everyone here is trying to figure me out. I can tell you this, I LOVE female humans but there is something about the men I do not like. They make me nervous. I am not a fan of kitties or other dogs. I would prefer to have you all to myself. When all of these things are not in my environment, I will be the most loving dog you have ever met. I will sit in your lap and snuggle with you. When I am with you, my tail says everything I am thinking. I really want you to stay with me all day because if you do, be ready for some sweet kisses and lots of tail wagging. I am 2 years old and I weigh in at about 50lbs.

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Missy in Sebastopol, CA – Adopted!

MissySmile2NameHey y’all, my name is Missy. I have the most active personality and I need some help with not getting over exerted. I have a heart murmur that doesn’t want me to get too excited. My mind says “Go!” but my heart says “Whoa!”. It’s going to take someone special who really wants to take care of me. I am 4 years old and around 50lbs. I need some reminders about my manners but I’m good at listening. I love to do anything for treats! I like hanging out with mellow male BTs. They are more my style.

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Harley in Sebastopol, CA – Adopted!

SedgewickHarley2016NameMy name is Harley and I am the senior BT here. I am much wiser than any of these spring chickens. I once had a wonderful owner who passed away. He adopted me from BTRI and I found my way back here. I’m neutered, about 9 years old and weigh in at about 50 lbs. I am mellow guy who does not like to have my toes touched. I am just looking for a quiet home to spend my retirement years.  I can be selective with other dogs.

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Priscilla in Sebastopol, CA – Adopted!

PriscillaNameHello everybody! My name is Priscilla and I want you to know I really like to be petted. I haven’t met a dog I didn’t like. Okay, I will admit I can be a little “Diva” by barking until you give me a treat. Did I mention I like to be petted? I love, love, love laps! If you have one, I am in it. I am the same with couches. If you have one, I am on it.  Oh, and the petting…LOVE IT. My favorite guy here is Patch. Some say we even look alike. I am really into opening heavy doors. My nose has amazing strength along with it’s beauty. I think I forgot to mention I love to be petted. I am about 1.5 years old and weigh in about 40lbs.

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Lita in Sebastopol, CA – Adopted!

LitaChillNameMy name is Lita and I am 2 years old and weigh about 30lbs. I am not a fan of being left alone and would really like someone who could be with me all the time. I am a little firecracker and would love to have a family that’s as active as me.. I can get a little “snarfy” with other dogs but when someone reminds me, I quickly remember my manners and stop. I gave s sniff to this mellow, male BT and all went on walking. I’m looking for a Bully savvy pad to call my new home.

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Leslie in Sebastopol, CA – Adopted!

LeslieBundocks2NameHello! I’m Leslie, the sweetest girl you’ll ever meet! I’m a spayed 2-3 y/o love muffin. I’m a lean machine at 45lbs. I love other doggies! My favorite spot would be laying on your lap. Everyone is amazed at how gentle I am taking treats. I surprised a visitor when I found a toy and dropped it right at their feet. My tail wags non-stop!

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Buster – Sacramento, CA – Adopted!

BusterMirrorNameMy name is Buster and my Foster Mom says I am an awesome boy. I get along with my Bull Terrier buddies Loosey & Juan. I LOVE to play with them. My mom says I can’t be around cats, small furry critters and maybe small dogs. I have these spots on my back that will never grow any hair and my mom calls them my Beauty Marks. I have lots of energy so I love to go on walks! I am potty trained and I love my crate. I just turned two years old on May 6th and I weigh about 40lbs.  If your information is not yet on file, our application can be found here:

A video of this sweet boy playing with the male and female Bull Terriers in his foster home can be found here: