Leslie in Sebastopol, CA – Adopted!

LeslieBundocks2NameHello! I’m Leslie, the sweetest girl you’ll ever meet! I’m a spayed 2-3 y/o love muffin. I’m a lean machine at 45lbs. I love other doggies! My favorite spot would be laying on your lap. Everyone is amazed at how gentle I am taking treats. I surprised a visitor when I found a toy and dropped it right at their feet. My tail wags non-stop!

If your information is not on file, our application can be found here: http://www.bullterrierrescue.org/?page_id=572.



Buster – Sacramento, CA – Adopted!

BusterMirrorNameMy name is Buster and my Foster Mom says I am an awesome boy. I get along with my Bull Terrier buddies Loosey & Juan. I LOVE to play with them. My mom says I can’t be around cats, small furry critters and maybe small dogs. I have these spots on my back that will never grow any hair and my mom calls them my Beauty Marks. I have lots of energy so I love to go on walks! I am potty trained and I love my crate. I just turned two years old on May 6th and I weigh about 40lbs.  If your information is not yet on file, our application can be found here: http://www.bullterrierrescue.org/?page_id=572.

A video of this sweet boy playing with the male and female Bull Terriers in his foster home can be found here:

Millie – Lake County, CA – – Adopted (Placed by Owner)

MillieFieldNameMillie in Lake County, CA – Special Needs Senior – – Urgent
Millie needs a new place due to the loss of her owner’s home. She is an energetic 10yo girl who loves to walk but also enjoys being a lazy indoor girl. This silly girl is great with kids and other dogs. Millie survived an attack by a neighbor’s dog when she was 5; and she had to have a tracheostomy (procedure to cut into the trachea to allow breathing). The opening needs to be cleaned at least once a day; and she must be kept away from water (no swimming) and carefully bathed to ensure that water does not get into the opening as she can choke or drown. Instead of wearing a collar, she’ll need to wear a harness to protect the opening and avoid things from falling into it. Other than that, this 34lb girl is a picture of health. She is house (uses a doggy door) and leash trained and may need a refresher on crate training. Does anyone have room in your home to foster/foster-to-adopt this wonderful little girl? She still has so much life to her and enjoys each day to its fullest! If your information is not yet on file, our application can be found here: http://www.bullterrierrescue.org/?page_id=572. Thank you for any consideration! ~Suz

More information on caring for a dog with a tracheostomy can be found here:


Scooter – Los Angeles, CA – – ADOPTED!

ScooterNameScooter needs a new home due to housing issues.  He’s a 4.5yo guy who gets along with the female Bull Terrier and dominant mini greyhound in his home.  He likes playing with his family’s 2 and 5 year old children.  This sweet guy is about 55lbs; he is crate and house trained.  If you have room in your home and heart for Scooter, please complete our application if your information is not yet on file:  http://www.bullterrierrescue.org/?page_id=572

Claxxton – Monterey, CA – – ADOPTED (Placed by Owner)

ClaxxtonNameMeet 4yo Claxxton (born 12/3/11) who needs a new foster/foster-to-adopt home due to housing and harmony issues (he is not getting along with the female BT in his home that was an addition to the family last year). His family has worked with a trainer for seven months and he is still not accepting the young female. He has been fine with the Labs in his home; and he seems to be good with other dogs outside of his home unless they get snarky with him. This sweet, 60lb guy is house, crate and leash trained. His ideal home is one without other pets. Claxxton is a former show dog who has points towards Championship but he is now retired and neutered. If your information is not yet on file, our application can be found here:http://www.bullterrierrescue.org/?page_id=572.

Penny – Sebastopol, CA – – Adopted!

PennyToyNameMeet 2yo Penny!  She loves to play fetch but like any bully, she wants you to chase her to get the ball back. Despite her 35lbs, when she plays tug-of-war she will wrestle until she wins!  She loves playing with the resident Chihuahua male and going to parks to meet new friends.  She can be a bit sassy when it comes to sharing her toys and food but this can be easily managed with supervised play and separate feedings.  When play time is finally over, Penny loves to cuddle besides you and her adorable face is irresistible.  Penny has been house trained but she will neeed a refresher on crate and leash training.  If your information is not yet on file, our application can be found here:  http://www.bullterrierrescue.org/?page_id=572

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Nikki – San Francisco, CA – ADOPTED!

NikkiSweetMediumNikki is an adorable 4yo girl who came into our program when her family was faced with housing issues.  This 47lb girl loves other dogs and although she hasn’t been around many children, her gentle demeanor would be great for the younger ones. Nikki is crate, house and leash trained.  Her skin infections (due to being an outside dog for a few years) are nearly resolved and it’s now just a matter of weekly medicated baths. She has more of a bulldog build but that might go away as her weight is reduced.  If your information is not yet on file, our application can be found here: http://www.bullterrierrescue.org/?page_id=572.

Stuart – San Jose, CA – Adopted!

StuartSitNameThis wonderful little 1y4m (born September 2014) guy is simply delightful.  Stuart is smart, people-focused and super playful.  He isn’t good with small dogs but is social with medium/large dogs that are non-reactive to him. In his foster home, he has been great with the resident female Bull Terrier but can butt heads with the male Bull Terrier that is almost the same age.  He is crate, house and leash trained.  His energy level can be high but that’s typical for a Bull Terrier his age.  Lots of exercise and activities will help re-channel a lot of that energy.  Stuart has been good around children 5 and older; he is not a fan of the kitties.

Karma – Vancouver, WA – ADOPTED!

KarmaVancouverWANameKarmVancouver, WA
Super sweet Karma is a two year old, 40lb fawn girl (born 12/28/13) who needs another home due to a pending divorce. Karma is great with children (is gentle with the 6, 10 and 13 year old kids in the family) as well as a Bouvier and another female Bull Terrier. We’re not sure how she is with cats. She is crate, leash and house trained, although the past few weeks all the dogs had accidents but it may be due to the changes in the home. She has a likely ear infection and has some itchy skin patches so we’d like to find a foster/foster-to-adopt spot for her. If your information is not on file, please complete our application:http://www.bullterrierrescue.org/?page_id=572. Thank you! ~Suz

P.S. Check out her video: https://youtu.be/_1u11hDeZEM

Finn – Sacramento, CA – Adopted!


7mo Finn was adopted from a local shelter about two months ago. He is not good with the cats in the home; and he is getting into fights with the resident 4yo male Pug. It could be a territorial thing as he gets along and loves playing with other dogs outside of the house (he plays with, and nicely takes to corrections issued by the neighbor’s two older male dogs). The icing on the cake was when a friend stuck her leg between the Pug and Finn to avert a fight and Finn accidentally bit her instead (he instantly let go when he realized that he bit her and not the Pug). His owner has done a lot with sweet Finn in the two months that he’s been with her. He is now obedience, crate, house and leash trained. Any one interested in fostering/fostering-to-adopt this little guy? He’ll need a owner who won’t be afraid to stay on top of him since he’ll be approaching his teen angst period. Finn is about 40-45lbs.