Nikki – San Francisco, CA – ADOPTED!

NikkiSweetMediumNikki is an adorable 4yo girl who came into our program when her family was faced with housing issues.  This 47lb girl loves other dogs and although she hasn’t been around many children, her gentle demeanor would be great for the younger ones. Nikki is crate, house and leash trained.  Her skin infections (due to being an outside dog for a few years) are nearly resolved and it’s now just a matter of weekly medicated baths. She has more of a bulldog build but that might go away as her weight is reduced.  If your information is not yet on file, our application can be found here:

Stuart – San Jose, CA – Adopted!

StuartSitNameThis wonderful little 1y4m (born September 2014) guy is simply delightful.  Stuart is smart, people-focused and super playful.  He isn’t good with small dogs but is social with medium/large dogs that are non-reactive to him. In his foster home, he has been great with the resident female Bull Terrier but can butt heads with the male Bull Terrier that is almost the same age.  He is crate, house and leash trained.  His energy level can be high but that’s typical for a Bull Terrier his age.  Lots of exercise and activities will help re-channel a lot of that energy.  Stuart has been good around children 5 and older; he is not a fan of the kitties.

Karma – Vancouver, WA – ADOPTED!

KarmaVancouverWANameKarmVancouver, WA
Super sweet Karma is a two year old, 40lb fawn girl (born 12/28/13) who needs another home due to a pending divorce. Karma is great with children (is gentle with the 6, 10 and 13 year old kids in the family) as well as a Bouvier and another female Bull Terrier. We’re not sure how she is with cats. She is crate, leash and house trained, although the past few weeks all the dogs had accidents but it may be due to the changes in the home. She has a likely ear infection and has some itchy skin patches so we’d like to find a foster/foster-to-adopt spot for her. If your information is not on file, please complete our application: Thank you! ~Suz

P.S. Check out her video:

Finn – Sacramento, CA – Adopted!


7mo Finn was adopted from a local shelter about two months ago. He is not good with the cats in the home; and he is getting into fights with the resident 4yo male Pug. It could be a territorial thing as he gets along and loves playing with other dogs outside of the house (he plays with, and nicely takes to corrections issued by the neighbor’s two older male dogs). The icing on the cake was when a friend stuck her leg between the Pug and Finn to avert a fight and Finn accidentally bit her instead (he instantly let go when he realized that he bit her and not the Pug). His owner has done a lot with sweet Finn in the two months that he’s been with her. He is now obedience, crate, house and leash trained. Any one interested in fostering/fostering-to-adopt this little guy? He’ll need a owner who won’t be afraid to stay on top of him since he’ll be approaching his teen angst period. Finn is about 40-45lbs.

Bruce – Livermore, CA (Deaf) – Adopted!

BruceNDanaBruce is a deaf 1.5-2yo Bull Terrier X American Staffordshire Terrier mix. He is absolutely wonderful on a leash, he is good with other dogs and loves humans so much he can hardly stand it. Bruce may be a bit too big and clumsy for younger children. Though he is deaf he never seems to be out of earshot, he’s very in tune with his people and as an added bonus he’s QUIET! I have only heard him bark a handful of times and only when trying to get his dog pals to stop ignoring him. Bruce’s ideal adopter would have a heartbeat and a couch and he would probably appreciate a dog pal to run and wrestle with. Bruce is being fostered by Dana Christine Johnson (@buriedinbullies on Instagram) if you’d like to see more pictures or ask any questions.

Rosi – Monterey, CA – ADOPTED!

RosiSmileNameSprung from the Monterey shelter on 8/26, this little jewel is very sweet and calm.  She’s a quiet girl so far who has had several litters but those days are now behind her.  Rosi is about 3-4 years old; and she weighs in around 40lbs.  She didn’t seem to mind other dogs; we do not know how she is with kids or kitties.  Please stay tuned for more updates on this sweet girl!

Marshall – Las Vegas, NV – ADOPTED!

MarshallNameMarshall entered our program when his owner fell seriously ill and required hospitalization (she’ll be unable to care for herself if/when she’s discharged and she does not have a network of dog-savvy friends and family).  Marshall is a laidback guy who is about 7 years old. He was raised with 3 Shih Tzus and a German Shepherd without any issues. He can be a bit reserved when he first meets you but he’ll be your best buddy within 20-30 minutes.  Does anyone have a sofa that Marshall can share with you?  He is crate, leash, house and sofa trained. This sweet guy is about 7 years old; and he weighs in at 40lbs.

Margie – Turlock, CA – ADOPTED!

MargieName2Margie is a delightful socialite who loves dogs of all sizes (she counts a trio of doxies as her best friends) and doesn’t seem to mind cats (at the shelter, she sniffed the cats in the Cat Room and moved on to the people there). She is mellow and gentle enough to be around younger children without any issues. This little muffin isn’t a runner nor hiker; but she would gladly take marathon naps on your sofa. Margie is about 2 years old…she weighs in at about 45lbs. Does anyone have a lonely couch that needs an occupant? If anyone has room for an affectionate gal, our application can be found here:



Lena – Visalia, CA – ADOPTED!

LenaLittle Lena. We rescued 2 year old Lena from the shelter along with her two young pups. Her puppy Oona found a loving home, but her other pup didn’t make it. Lena was underweight, neglected, and fearful of everything. She has come a long way with the help of her amazing foster family. She would love a forever family to give her time and patience to finish healing mentally and give her the love she deserves! She currently lives with kids (including toddlers) and does great with them. She is very mellow, except for a good daily hucklebutt, and has the sweetest soul. She would prefer to be an only fur child. This funny 30lb girl enjoys sleeping in the most uncomfortable places, such as sock drawers, toy boxes, and cleared book shelves. She could use some confidence on a leash, she is house trained, and wonderful in her crate. Here is a little video of her happy dance: you can also find more pics of her on Instagram. @bull_terrier_rescue_inc #btriLENA

Sasha – Sebastopol, CA – ADOPTED!

SashaNameSasha is such a pretty girl. She is about 2 years old; and she still has a lot of puppy energy. Sasha has been playing well with Big Red so it’s safe to say she is dog friendly. She is a busy girl but can’t resist some good lovin’ once she settles. We would love to see her in an active foster or forever home! Sasha is crate trained and will likely need a refresher in crate and house training.