Archie – ADOPTED!

MinnieArchieNameArchie was surrendered to a shelter when one of his owners fell seriously ill.  This little tornado loves people (especially kids) and other dogs.  The resident female Bull Terrier in his foster home has been a saint to put up with his endless requests to play.  We’re not sure how he is with cats…he seems to like chasing them but we’re not sure what he’ll do once he catches up to them.  Archie is crate, house, leash and truck trained (he LOVES to ride in trucks!). This little fellow is about 9 months old and 40-45 pounds.

Oreo, Las Vegas – ADOPTED!

OreoLVOreo is a delightful girl who passed her shelter temperament and dog:dog tests with flying colors. In her prior home, she had lived with a male Bull Terrier and did not have any issues with him. This little muffin is about 2 years old. Due to space constraints at the shelter, we need to find a foster spot for her ASAP. An interim fosterer would work too. If your information isn’t on file with us yet, please complete our application (we’ve heard that the submission won’t go through if done through phones/iPads so please complete via computer or laptop):

Please check out Oreo’s YouTube Video!  Her pictures do not do her justice!

Tickles, Sebastopol – – ADOPTED!

TicklesNameTickles is a very affectionate 40lb girl who needs a new home as she was getting into fights with the 10.5yo male Jack Russell Terrier mix (but fine with the beagle mix) in her former home.  She is a 2yo (born March 2013) spitfire who would be ideal with an active family. With the required exercise, she’ll be a great companion around the house and would love to hang out on the couch with you.  Although she is fine with dogs on walks and in playgroups, she does not do well with dominant/pushy dogs.   She is a dominant girl who will thrive with loving leaders and a structured environment.  She is crate, house and leash trained.   If your information is not yet on file, our application can be found here:

Tickles’ Facebook post:


Updated 7/15/15

Shark – Novato, CA


Sharky passed his evaluation period with flying colors; he has been neutered and is ready for a new foster/adoptive home! Sharky is an extremely lovable young man! He’s about 18 months old and weighs 50 pounds. Sharky has won the heart of everyone who’s met him, and would love nothing more than to play and have his belly rubbed all day long. He’s house trained and knows basic commands such as Sit, Down, Stay and Leave It (he’s working on Shake). Sharky is a genius among dogs and picks up new commands and everyday life skills incredibly quickly! He is leashed trained, but does have a tendency to get excited when you first head out. He has taken to crate training wonderfully.  His foster mom bought him a cozy bed, but she’s pretty sure he thought it was one of his toys because he carried it around the house playing with it. He’s a very playful man who loves toys, especially tennis balls, and will run and play fetch with you for hours. Sharky has been amazing with other dogs of all shapes and sizes, just thinks everyone is his new best friend. He does have a jealous street so he doesn’t want to share his person with anyone else.  This energetic young man is not only extremely handsome (he always looks like he’s smiling!) he’s also very smart and extra snuggly. Before you know it, he’ll be in your lap asking for a belly rub stealing your heart! Thank you so much for helping with a transitional foster spot, Maura and Lisa! If your information is not on file, our application can be found here:

P.S. Sharky’s original story:

Fergus – Van Nuys, CA

9yo Fergus was surrendered to the East Valley shelter in Los Angeles due to a divorce. He has perked up in his foster home and is quite a character.  He is very people focused and affectionate with people but he’s not a fan of other dogs. Fergie loves to nap on sofas but would also be up a couple of nice walks daily.  A former outdoor dog, Fergus has adapted to and is embracing an indoor life.  He is crate and house trained (knows how to use a doggy door) but will need a little refresher on leash matters.  This endearing senior is quite healthy.  His eyes are fine; his teeth have some tartar but some raw meaty bones could help clean his choppers and stimulate his gums.  Fergus is about 50lbs.

Fergus’ Facebook page can be found here:

Hayden – San Jose, CA – – ADOPTED!

HaydenSit6NameHaydenSit4NameHayden is a BTRI alumnus who needs a new home as his family has to downsize; and they’ll be traveling extensively in the next few months. This 9yo guy is super potty trained and crate trained. He doesn’t mind being alone at home and is not destructive at all. He loves his chewy and his toys. He sleeps all day like a cat and at 5pm after he eats dinner, he will call attention for a walk or play time (he’ll do a soft bark at around 7pm to go out for a potty then sleeps the rest of the night – – he is extremely on schedule). He does not require a lot of activity but he does get frisky after he poops or eats dinner and would like to play. He likes walks but not far, like a mile or two to explore. Hayden needs to be the only pet as he is reactive to other dogs; and he is not a fan of the kitties. He is not overtly aggressive with other dogs but he will stare them down. This charming, super people-oriented guy is very worth his management around other dogs. Does anyone have room for this very good and loyal guy? If your information is not on file, please complete our application so that we can get to know you better (

Geronimo – ADOPTED!


About Geronimo

  • Status: Available for Adoption (adoption info)
  • Species: Dog
  • Rescue ID: 14-0243
  • Color: white/brown
  • Current Size: 35 Pounds
  • Current Age: 6 Years 6 Months (best estimate)
  • Housetrained: Yes
  • Reaction to New People: Friendly

Everyone please say hello to Geronimo. A 6 year old Bull Terrier who was surrendered to us by a caretaker after being abandoned by his original owner.  Geronimo came to us severely emaciated from lack of proper nutrition but is now doing much better! He is getting along really well with other dogs his size and bigger. We are not certain how he does with smaller dogs. We are also certain that he is not fond of cats. Geronimo is great around people. Though he has had a rough start, he is very trusting of his humans. He may be fearful of small children, so we are recommending him to a home with older considerate children. This boy is very energetic and loves to rough n tumble with other dogs. He would do great in a home where he will be getting lots of exercise and/or has a buddy whom he will play with to his heart’s content.

Here’s an update from his foster mom!

“First and foremost he’s amazing. He’s such a good dog. Hands down the most well behaved dog I’ve ever fostered. He’s super potty trained and we have had no issues there. He also doesn’t mind being put in his crate when I leave the house to run quick errands. In the car he’s awesome too.

I’m a big runner so I’ve taken him on quite a few, which he loves but he does get tired after a mile or so and starts waddling. Which I don’t mind at all, it’s more cute than anything. I took him to the beach today and he loved it and he plays very well with the other dogs. My neighbor has an 8th month old husky girl and he and her play in my back yard together whenever we happen to randomly be taking both our dogs out at the same time.

He knows sit very well and I’m trying to teach him to lay down and stay on command.

Honestly, he’s precious! Very sweet and not high-maintenance at all. I think he’d be great with a family and work really well with another dog.”

If you’d like to meet Geronimo, please fill out an application on our website:

More about Geronimo

Good with Dogs, Good with Older/Considerate Kids Only, Good with Adults, Likes to play with toys, Needs special care, Playful, Affectionate, Eager To Please, Even-tempered, Goofy
More information about Geronimo can be found here:
Updated 7/15/15

Liberty, Davis


Liberty is a big sweetie!  She’s a very laidback girl who is about 2 years old and 40lbs.  Her tail never stops wagging!  She has been good with the dogs in her foster spots and is both affectionate AND goofy!  Liberty loves her crate, is housebroken and is good on a leash.

Peace, Tracy – ADOPTED!

PeaceFace2NamePeaceNamePeace is a delightful little 38lb girl who is about 4 years old.  She’s a laidback lovebug who would love to be someone’s little companion.  Peace has dry eye and seems to have some scarring on the cornea so there might be some visual impairment.  She is great with dogs of all sizes,  didn’t mind the kitties in the shelter cat room and in her foster home but she is not a fan of our feathered friends.  She is house and crate trained but will need a refresher in leash manners.

The most common treatment for dry eye is cyclosporine (Optimmune) which runs about $35 monthly if your vet will write an prescription for it to be bought online.  More information about dry eye can be found here:


Updated 7/15/15

Dottie, Livermore

DottieSitNameHello world! My name is Dottie, I am an approx 5 year old English Bull Terrier, I weigh 40lbs and I am dog & cat friendly. I enjoy long walks on the beach and snuggly nights at home. I am in search of my forever family. I need a person with a sense of humor because my eyesight isn’t too hot and I enjoy running full speed into glass doors. I adore my humans, I’m definitely more into them than I am into other animals. I am relatively gentle but I can be a tripping hazard because I stick so close to my people. I also enjoy being in the company of little humans.  If you think you could be the family for me please fill out an application: