Tater Tot

Tater Tot Tater Tot is so confused at the shelter after losing her family and home. She was unclaimed after being found as a stray. This stocky girl is unassuming, quiet and loves to play with people once she gets to know them. She’s initially timid with men but quickly accepts them if there’s a woman present. Her ideal home would be a quiet one where she’ll be the only pet. Tater Tot is estimated to be 3 years old. ~Suz

Geronimo – ADOPTED!

Geronimo – Concord
Although Geronimo is very happy in his foster home (and vice versa), he is still patiently waiting for a permanent place to call Home. This is a picture of him with the turtle figure that he loves to push around. Geronimo’s about 10 years old; he needs to be the only pet as he’s not good with other animals. He’s very low energy but is always up for nice long walks!

Geronimo Fun Fact: He loves Thai TV after dinner.



Soledad Animal Services picked up this stray 7-9 year old guy and brought him to the emergency clinic to treat the bite wounds on his face. He is so sweet that he rode out his stray period at the clinic. Bob is blind, has a grade 4/5 heart murmur as well as very bad teeth. An opthamology exam determined that his vision loss is due to retinal atrophy so there is no corrective procedure. Despite his blindness and heart condition, he is an extremely happy-go-lucky guy who is Mr. Social with people and other dogs. We’d like to find him a foster spot where he can patiently wait for his retirement home. His heart murmur can’t be reversed but we can recommend supplements such as Fish Oil, L-carnitine and CQ10 to help his heart. He’s underweight so we’ll get him to a healthier state before he’s considered for dentistry procedures. Bob will be making his way from Soledad to SF this weekend. More information on this bubbly guy to follow!


August 27, 2014

Please support Bull Terrier Rescue, Inc. by buying a sweatshirt or two.  A portion of the sale proceeds will go towards our fund for veterinary fees.  We take in many Bull Terriers found in neglected states and want to give them a chance to be in wonderful homes that they deserve.  Please help us fulfill this wish for them.  Thank you in advance for your support!



Just finished setting up the new website. Please be patient as we work out any kinks, and please let me know if there are any features that aren’t working or any links that are broken. Thank you!

PS. And if you have time you may want to check out the BTRI Fundraiser Store for some fun bully items. All proceeds go directly to BTRI.



This little peach was brought to the shelter after being found wandering the streets of Fresno. At about 40lbs, she needs to gain some weight and have her skin issues addressed. Rachel is about 1.5 years old and is quite a delightful girl. She likes her crate and knows how to sit and shake your hand. At the shelter, she wagged her tail at all the dogs that poked their little heads into her kennel space. Stay tuned for more updates as we get her vetted and evaluated. Rachel is currently in the Fresno area and will be moved to the Santa Rosa this weekend. Thank you for pulling Rachel and letting her stay with you for a bit


We are pleased to post that Zorro has been adopted! Here’s a picture of him chillaxing on his favorite sofa. Thank you, Russell, for driving from Thunder Bay and back to make this dear boy a member of your family! Zorro is one lucky guy!!!


Otis is doing very well after his surgery! The exploratory laparotomy revealed a physical blockage of the small intestine. The vet was able to incise the small intestine and remove it successfully. The culprit appears to be a very hard piece of fecal-like matter. Fortunately, there are no dead tissues nor ruptures in the intestines. Otis is now on a morphine lidocaine ketamine drip to help manage pain overnight. He is thinking about how to thank everyone.

Special and heartfelt thanks go to Fortuna Veterinary Clinic for for the rescue accommodations, being a bull breed supporter, and providing pictures and updates!!!