Soledad Animal Services picked up this stray 7-9 year old guy and brought him to the emergency clinic to treat the bite wounds on his face. He is so sweet that he rode out his stray period at the clinic. Bob is blind, has a grade 4/5 heart murmur as well as very bad teeth. An opthamology exam determined that his vision loss is due to retinal atrophy so there is no corrective procedure. Despite his blindness and heart condition, he is an extremely happy-go-lucky guy who is Mr. Social with people and other dogs. We’d like to find him a foster spot where he can patiently wait for his retirement home. His heart murmur can’t be reversed but we can recommend supplements such as Fish Oil, L-carnitine and CQ10 to help his heart. He’s underweight so we’ll get him to a healthier state before he’s considered for dentistry procedures. Bob will be making his way from Soledad to SF this weekend. More information on this bubbly guy to follow!

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