RoxieRoxie was involved in an incident where she grabbed a tiny Shih Tzu and shook it.  The Shih Tzu did not die from the injuries but they were severe and the chances of her surviving surgery were not good so she had to be euthanized. Due to this incident, sweet Roxie has been designated a “Vicious” dog in the county of San Mateo.  She is a very loving and affectionate girl with people and can be good with medium/large dogs on a short-term basis as long as there is a slow and careful introduction.  We are looking for a special home for Roxie – a bull breed savvy home located in a jurisdiction outside of San Mateo without restrictive requirements for dogs carrying her label.  This little lovebug is 4 years old (born April 2010); and she weighs about 45lbs.   She can be sound sensitive and will alarm bark at noises that she perceives as irregular or are threats/intrusions (she has re-directed at other dogs by growling at them). For this reason, Roxie’s ideal home is one where she’s the only pet. She has been great with the 11yo boy who was her best friend in her former home. Roxie is crate, leash and house trained. She is fostered in San Francisco.

Updated 4/6/14

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