Preston – Encino, CA

PrestonShelterName PrestonNamePreston is an awesome guy who is great with dogs, cats, rabbits, kids, and everything else under the sun. He arrived at the Camarillo shelter as a stray with old breaks in his left hind leg.  We quickly had an ortho surgeon do the repairs and plating in his leg so we’ll be fundraising to offset the $4000 surgery costs for this sweet dumpling.  Preston is about 1.5 years old and he weighs about 40 pounds; he is done with his post-op crate rest and his x-rays show that his leg is fully healed.  He recently went running for an hour without any issues.  This delightful guy is crate, leash and house trained.

Rambo – Los Angeles

A neighbor saved Rambo from a life of being crated indoors only to find out that he isn’t cut out for outdoor life like the four little dogs in the home.  Rescue has been asked to find him a home where he can be indoors and where his snuggles can truly be appreciated. He’s been great (and loves playing) with dogs 8lbs and up as well as children. Energy level is moderate with the prerequisite walks. No food nor toy aggression with the little mutts and even defers to them. Rambo is about 2 years old; he weighs about 45lbs.

Hugo – Not Available

4/21 UPDATE:  Hugo’s owners could not bear to give him up so they will continue looking for pet-friendly housing.

Hugo is a 1.5yo guy whose family is faced with housing issues. He is your typical young, energetic Bull Terrier who calms down to Affectionate Couch Potato speed once he has his requisite two good daily walks. He is good with dogs that can match his sometimes rough play style but seems to annoy the older, calm dogs. It is unknown how he’ll do with the kitties. He is great with older children but can unintentionally knock the younger ones down. Hugo is crate, house and leash trained. Anyone have room in your heart and hope for this 45-50lb goofball? If we don’t have your information on file, our application can be found here:

Turbo, Deaf – Bakersfield

TurboTurbo is a super sweet deaf guy who also has microphthalmia. This condition consists of an eye that is smaller than the other. Usually, the internal structures of the eyeball are abnormal as well; and the eyeball can gradually shrink and be reabsorbed. It is likely that he is partial or completely blind in that eye. There is no treatment for this condition and dogs lead normal, wonderful lives. Cataracts may develop and removal of the eye (enucleation) could be a possibility in the future. An Orange Coast Bull Terrier Club member evaluated him on Thursday and wanted to take him home!!! You’d never know that he’s deaf and may be visually impaired in one eye as he is so affectionate and is the happiest little guy. Turbo is about 2-3 years old and weighs about 35lbs. He wanted to play with other dogs in the shelter and has not met any cats during his stay there. Turbo may need a refresher on leash and crate training; the shelter reports that he is housebroken. Is there room anywhere for this little clown? If your information is not yet on file, our application can be found here: Thank you for any consideration!

More information on microphtalmia can be found here:

Logan – Portland, OR (Puget Sound Bull Terrier Club Rescue)

LoganNameLogan is a sweet 4 year old boy who was surrendered by his family due to personal issues. Logan is great with larger dogs but does not care for small dogs or cats. He is a typical stubborn Bully so he will need a very Bully savvy home with people who are willing to put a little time into training him and giving him some basic manners. Logan has exhibited some food aggression so will need someone who is willing to work with him on that issue. Logan weighs about 55 lbs., is neutered, microchipped, and walks well on a leash. Logan is located in Canby, OR.  More pictures of Logan can be found on his Facebook photo album.  Please contact Lynda at for more information about this sweet guy.

Diego – San Francisco


Sweet, wonderful Diego has recovered from his skin infections and just needs his hair to grow back in a few places. He has scratches on his knees and a tummy lined with bumps as he’s addicted to commando crawling on grass and the sidewalk/streets (cars will stop and drivers will ask if he’s OK!). Diego’s about 5 years old and 50lbs. He is wonderful with other dogs and just reacted to an offleash, intact male who really got into his face. His endearing cleft lip does not hamper him at all; and he’ll kiss you just fine with it. Diego is least, crate and house trained.

Diego’s album:

Please enjoy his video here ( Truly a delightful little guy.