Howie – Portland, OR – Adoption Pending


This gentle, big guy is amazing! He is truly a solid fellow with a super thick tail, huge paws, a huge head and a very soft mouth. Howie is really a big puppy and loves to explore everything on our walks. He is great on a leash and has to smell everything in his path. This social guy loves to check back with you during walks; and he has been quiet in his crate so far. Howie’s about 3 years old; and he weighs 55lbs.  He seems a little too excited when he sees other dogs but we hope he calms down a bit after his 9/25 neuter.

Note from Howie:  Hi! My name is Howie! I am amPEEdextrous – I can lift my right or left leg, all the way or part way, squat or aim at the air, or a tree/pole! Teehee…sometimes I dribble on my foster mom’s feetsies when I’m in hurry! Byeeeeeee!

Winnie, Alameda

WinnieNameWinnie2NameWinnie is a delightful 2-3 year old girl who is very affectionate and loves to snuggle.  She seems to be housebroken, is crate-trained and will need a refresher on leash training.  She will have accidents in her crate but only if there is a blanket in it.  Winnie loves playing with water and has been fine with the standard poodles in her foster home.  She has also played wonderfully with a 10-month Bull Terrier male.  Winnie is currently in the Sacramento area.  Winnie is about 35 pounds.  Please enjoy this video of the little dumpling.


Chai – Turlock


8/27 Update:  Chai has fully recovered from her mange and skin infections; and she has been spayed.  This incredibly sweet little 36lb girl is now ready for an adventure in a new home.  Many thanks to Robert Waugh for fostering this little pumpkin, nursing her back to health and giving her some structure and boundaries.  She is great with the male pit bull in her foster home but can be dominant with the female pit bull there.

Meet Chai (rhymes with Hi), an incredibly sweet and cuddly girl that we pulled from the Modesto shelter this week. She’s being treated for a blood infection from a severe skin infection and a likely weakened immune system. Her interim foster mom reports that she is getting perkier with each day and is a super 31lb snuggle bug. Chai will need to gain a few pounds and recover from her infections before she can be spayed so she won’t be available for several weeks. She’s about 1.5 to 2 years old; so far, she seems interested in other dogs and not in a bad way. I just want her to recover and decompress before we attempt any dog:dog introductions. Thank you, Kari Young Paradiso, for pulling her, giving up your day to spend it at the vet with her and for the interim housing. Please stay tuned for more information on this little pumpkin!

Miko – San Francisco

MikoName4yo Miko is a delightful tank girl! Her owner was seriously disabled in an auto accident a few years ago and had to move back in with his mother. Sadly, she passed away earlier this year and the house has been sold. Miko’s owner is now living with a friend in no-pets housing. Miko LOVES other dogs, even the ones that snarf at her. She lived with (and was bossed around by) a 10lb female chihuahua. She ignores cats as long as they don’t move; she’ll chase dashing cats but has not caught up to any of them yet. Miko is 42 pounds but can benefit from a slight Weight Watchers program. This chunky busybody is crate, leash and house trained. She’s also a trancer! Check out this goofy girl:

Stoli – Porterville

Stoli is a sweet little girl whose family had to move where pets weren’t allowed. Stoli is a little over a year old (born 10/14/12); and she weighs all of 38lbs. Stoli has been wonderful with her family’s 1.5yo little girl that she grew up with. This little pumpkin is leash, obedience, house and crate trained. Her foster parents say she is a total love bug with all people but is food and toy aggressive with other dogs. She has too much interest in the kitties to be trusted. She’s very good with other dogs when on leash but can get bossy when playing loose. Does anyone have room for this energetic little girl? She promises to be a good girl once you wear her out.P.S. You can follow her on Roland BT’s FB page:
Here’s a cute little Flipagram of her:

Hayworth, Deaf – Reno, NV – – Adoption Pending


Welcome to the Hayworth Show! This lovable 66lb guy is deaf but you’d never know it! He’s unflappable with chickens and other dogs but will get quite worked up when he sees cats. He loves to climb on laps; and he’s a total massage addict! Hayworth is about 3-4 years old. He’s crate and house trained but will need a refresher on leash manners as he tends to tug during walks. He’s a messy eater, drools a ton, doesn’t care for toys and is a total DORK! He can have stubborn streaks during walks so be prepared to coax him back to walking mode. What can we say? The world revolves around Hayworth as he is irresistibly SPECIAL!  More pictures of Hayworth can be found in his Facebook photo album.

Buster – Sebastopol

BusterCollageBusterTireNameBuster is about 1.5 years old, he’s roughly 45lbs and great with all dogs so far. He’s energetic but calms down after two good long walks daily (he’d make a great running/walking companion). Buster’s good in a crate, seems to be house trained and just a bit spazzy on a leash. Wonderful goofy guy!!!

Tyson – Groveland, CA

Poor Tyson! A neighbor’s cat wandered into Tyson’s 5 acres and was allegedly killed by Tyson. Animal Control did not open a case this time as it was unknown whether Tyson really killed the cat, whether it was sick or whether Tyson played too roughly with it, however, Animal Control will seize and euthanize Tyson if there’s another incident with a cat or animal.

Since Tyson can escape his kennel run during the day, his owner is afraid that there will be another incident as there is no way to control any animals from entering her 5 acres of property. Tyson is 5 years old but he’s still very much like a puppy – he loves to play and would be a perfect running partner. He happily lives with a medium sized mixed breed female. Tyson has chased the resident cat so he spends his days outside in a kennel run and sleeps in a dog house at night. He can initially pull a bit on a leash and he’ll likely need a refresher on crate and house training. He has not really been exposed to younger children but has been fine with teens. Anyone have room for this charming 50lb guy? Our foster/adoption application can be found here:

Tyson Fun Fact: He loves to chase butterflies!

Clyde – San Francisco


If you have a yard and your schedule doesn’t permit much walks, Clyde would be perfect in your home. We don’t know if if he wasn’t socialized enough as a pup or if it’s a genetic thing, but Clyde is extremely bashful with people. He doesn’t aggress but will try to bolt if approached by strangers. Once he’s comfortable with you, he is truly a loving and devoted companion who loves cuddling as much as roughhousing. He is amazingly content to be a super affectionate hermit and loves basking outdoors in the sun! Clyde is about 3.5 years old and about 55lbs. This dear boy is house, crate and leash trained (until he sees a person!). He is good with other dogs on a short-term basis but seems to want his person/family all to himself. Clyde has not encountered any kitties on his short walks.



RoxieRoxie was involved in an incident where she grabbed a tiny Shih Tzu and shook it.  The Shih Tzu did not die from the injuries but they were severe and the chances of her surviving surgery were not good so she had to be euthanized. Due to this incident, sweet Roxie has been designated a “Vicious” dog in the county of San Mateo.  She is a very loving and affectionate girl with people and can be good with medium/large dogs on a short-term basis as long as there is a slow and careful introduction.  We are looking for a special home for Roxie – a bull breed savvy home located in a jurisdiction outside of San Mateo without restrictive requirements for dogs carrying her label.  This little lovebug is 4 years old (born April 2010); and she weighs about 45lbs.   She can be sound sensitive and will alarm bark at noises that she perceives as irregular or are threats/intrusions (she has re-directed at other dogs by growling at them). For this reason, Roxie’s ideal home is one where she’s the only pet. She has been great with the 11yo boy who was her best friend in her former home. Roxie is crate, leash and house trained. She is fostered in San Francisco.

Updated 4/6/14