Mickey – San Francisco, CA – ADOPTED!

MickeyNameSuper sweet Mickey entered our program when his owner faced housing issues.  Mickey is a touch over 9 years old (born 2/1/05) and he weighs 73 pounds.  This big guy can be good with other dogs with slow and careful introductions but we’re hoping for a spot where he can be doted on as the pampered sole pet.  He’s not a fan of cats but is one of most people focused and affectionate guys you’ll ever meet.  He is looking for a home where he can be the owner/operator of a comfy couch and just lounge on it all day.  He is house trained, is a dream on a leash and getting used to being in crate.  Do you have a sofa waiting for this sweet guy?  We’ll be taking care of his teeth in a few weeks so other than that, he just needs supplements to help his joints.  He moves just fine when he’s on them. Very mellow and sweet guy!

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