Presley, Encino CA – Adopted!

PresleyNamePresley’s foster mom needs to get back on the career path so she urgently needs a new foster spot.  This little cupcake entered our program when her owner had to care for her father who was seriously injured in a car accident.  Presley has recovered from her mange and eye infections and special diet.  Presley turned one on Easter. and she’s a delightful 35lb girl who loved to rough house with a 100+ pound Great Dane in her former home but stays away from the Chihuahua owned by her owner’s dad. We don’t know how she is with cats but she’s great with her owner’s 6 and 8 year old brothers. She’s crate and house trained but can pull initially on walks. Her repertoire of tricks include Sit, Stay, Lay Down, Roll Over, etc.  Since she is high energy and on the pushy side, her ideal home would be a bull breed savvy one, and one where she would be the only pet.  Presley seems to get along with other dogs upon meeting but will get into scuffles with them on a long-term situation.  Presley will be available once she recovers from her spay.

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