Shark – Novato, CA


Sharky passed his evaluation period with flying colors; he has been neutered and is ready for a new foster/adoptive home! Sharky is an extremely lovable young man! He’s about 18 months old and weighs 50 pounds. Sharky has won the heart of everyone who’s met him, and would love nothing more than to play and have his belly rubbed all day long. He’s house trained and knows basic commands such as Sit, Down, Stay and Leave It (he’s working on Shake). Sharky is a genius among dogs and picks up new commands and everyday life skills incredibly quickly! He is leashed trained, but does have a tendency to get excited when you first head out. He has taken to crate training wonderfully.  His foster mom bought him a cozy bed, but she’s pretty sure he thought it was one of his toys because he carried it around the house playing with it. He’s a very playful man who loves toys, especially tennis balls, and will run and play fetch with you for hours. Sharky has been amazing with other dogs of all shapes and sizes, just thinks everyone is his new best friend. He does have a jealous street so he doesn’t want to share his person with anyone else.  This energetic young man is not only extremely handsome (he always looks like he’s smiling!) he’s also very smart and extra snuggly. Before you know it, he’ll be in your lap asking for a belly rub stealing your heart! Thank you so much for helping with a transitional foster spot, Maura and Lisa! If your information is not on file, our application can be found here:

P.S. Sharky’s original story:

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