Bruce – Livermore, CA (Deaf) – Adopted!

BruceNDanaBruce is a deaf 1.5-2yo Bull Terrier X American Staffordshire Terrier mix. He is absolutely wonderful on a leash, he is good with other dogs and loves humans so much he can hardly stand it. Bruce may be a bit too big and clumsy for younger children. Though he is deaf he never seems to be out of earshot, he’s very in tune with his people and as an added bonus he’s QUIET! I have only heard him bark a handful of times and only when trying to get his dog pals to stop ignoring him. Bruce’s ideal adopter would have a heartbeat and a couch and he would probably appreciate a dog pal to run and wrestle with. Bruce is being fostered by Dana Christine Johnson (@buriedinbullies on Instagram) if you’d like to see more pictures or ask any questions.

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