Ben – Sebastopol, CA

BenNameBen is a very active and playful guy who entered our program when he displayed food aggression towards his owner. Purchased to be a service dog, Ben (fka Zen) knows commands such as Sit, Spin, Shake, Walking Side (Heel), Cross The Street, and Stop.  This little 40lb guy is a year old (born 3/30/15); he is good with other dogs but is untested with the kitties.  We have not experienced any food aggression from Ben but as a precaution, will place him in a home where there are children 12 years old and up.   Ben will need an experienced bull breed and training savvy owner who’ll give him the guidance and structure that he needs and thrives under.  This sweet guy is crate, house and 85% leash trained.  If your information is not yet on file, our application can be found here:

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