Howie in Sebastopol, CA

HowieStairsNameHowieSmileNameHowie is a delightful little guy who has a bit of anxiety so he would thrive in a home where there is a firm leadership structure in place. He is good with dogs, unknown with cats and can be a little nippy when excited so he’d do best with older children. He is extremely loving and affectionate, and he is so eager to please. Howie loves to snuggle in bed, loves tennis balls and also loves road trips. He is housetrained, walks well on a leash and is about 50% crate trained. Howie is about 2 years old and he is roughly 45 pounds. If your information is not yet on file, our application can be found here:

Howie Fun Fact: Howie was on medication for a skin issue…if you tell him it’s time for meds, he’ll open his mouth for them. What a character!



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