Millie in Clearlake, CA – Staying With Owner!

MillieFieldNameMillie was placed by her owner in May but that placement didn’t work so now she needs another home ASAP. This sweet girl girl is an energetic 10yo girl who loves to walk but also enjoys being a lazy indoor girl. She is great with kids and other dogs. Millie survived an attack by a neighbor’s dog when she was 5; and she had to have a tracheostomy (procedure to cut into the trachea to allow breathing). The opening needs to be cleaned at least once a day; and she must be kept away from water (no swimming) and carefully bathed to ensure that water does not get into the opening as she can choke or drown. Instead of wearing a collar, she’ll need to wear a harness to protect the opening and avoid things from falling into it. Other than that, this 34lb girl is a picture of health. She is house (uses a doggy door) and leash trained and may need a refresher on crate training. Does anyone have room in your home to foster/foster-to-adopt this wonderful little girl? She still has so much life to her and enjoys each day to its fullest!
More information on caring for a dog with a tracheostomy can be found here:
If your information is not on file, our application can be found here:

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