Darling Dozer – ADOPTED!

DozerDozer entered our program when he was getting very limited 1:1 time with his family due to his rowdiness; and he started becoming dominant with the two young children in his home. Dozer is about 4.5 years old (born October 2009) but is still very much a big puppy. With some structure and set boundaries in his interim foster spot, he has turned out to be quite a little darling. He is playful and very eager to please. He learns quickly and can be protective of his family until you let him know that all is OK. Although he is generally good with dogs on a short-term basis, he has jealousy issues with them on a long-term basis. His ideal home is one with older children and where he’s the only pet. Dozer is about 45lbs; he is crate, house and about 90% leash trained.

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