Brooklyn – Portland, OR – – ADOPTED!

BrooklynBrooklyn is a delightful girl who is almost 3 years old (born 5/10/11). She has been through obedience classes (knows Sit, Down, Heel, Stay, Wait, Go Up, Get off, Leave It, Go Night Night, etc.); and she is great on a leash. Although she loves going for walks and used to 3 mile ones, she is perfectly content being on your lap while watching TV. She also has her own version of TV which is waiting the birds and chipmunks that land on the birdfeeder viewable through a bedroom window. Brooklyn used to be the buddy of a young boy so she is used to being played with, handled all over and wrestled with. She is house, crate and snow trained. She is great with dogs and would love to be the companion of a male dog. As she often brings home presents of moles, shrews, voles and baby possums, she is likely not kitty friendly. Here she is pictured with her ACD buddy, Benjamin Blue.

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