Howie in Sebastopol, CA

HowieStairsNameHowieSmileNameHowie is a delightful little guy who has a bit of anxiety so he would thrive in a home where there is a firm leadership structure in place. He is good with dogs, unknown with cats and can be a little nippy when excited so he’d do best with older children. He is extremely loving and affectionate, and he is so eager to please. Howie loves to snuggle in bed, loves tennis balls and also loves road trips. He is housetrained, walks well on a leash and is about 50% crate trained. Howie is about 2 years old and he is roughly 45 pounds. If your information is not yet on file, our application can be found here:

Howie Fun Fact: Howie was on medication for a skin issue…if you tell him it’s time for meds, he’ll open his mouth for them. What a character!



Patch in Sebastopol, CA

PatchNameI’m Patch! I am a neutered 2 y/o high energy boy. I am a sturdy guy with 50lbs. of love to give. I love my ball so much I will choose it over treats any day! I’ve learned to wait for you to give me my ball but sometimes I just can’t wait. They are all so proud of me because I could care less about other dogs and walk right by, but if they snarf at me I won’t back down so I like other mellow friends. They don’t give me any drama! My dream home would be someone who is home all the time and has no kids. I really would love a family who is very active. If your information is not on file, our application can be found here: Thank you for any consideration! ~Suz


Ozzy in San Jose, CA

OzzyPokemonNameMeet sweet Ozzy who needs a new home due to his owners’ long hours at work and school. This little tyke turned a year old on 6/8 so he’ll have some typical young bully energy. Ozzy counts two Chihuahua sisters among his best friends and is very gentle and submissive with small dogs. He tends to play very hard with the medium to large ones and manages to tick them off. He has been great with children 10yo and older (hasn’t been exposed to the younger ones). Ozzy is crate, leash and house trained; and he knows basic commands (Sit, Paw, Down and Heel). Unfortunately, Ozzy is not a fan of cats. If your information is not yet on file, our application can be found here:

Hugo – Long Beach, CA – Adoption Pending

HugoSweaterNameHugo is a delightful 3.5yo guy who needs a new home because his owners are both working long hours. They would like to see sweet Hugo get the attention that he so deserves. This 48lb guy is great with all dogs; and he is house, crate and leash trained. He loves cuddling with you; and he is great with kids although he can be a bull in a china shop with them. Hugo knows some commands such as Sit, High Five and Lay Down. Does anyone have room for this guy who’s getting depressed? If your information is not yet on file, our application can be found here:

Sharkey – Sebastopol, CA

SharkeyCollageMedHello Handsome! Nice to meet’cha! This is Sharkey. He was found running in the streets with a female pit bull and brought to a Willows shelter as strays. We swooped him up because we couldn’t resist that face! He is about 2 yrs old, about 45lbs, energetic, super friendly and great on a leash. He has been known to be good with female dogs;  we are taking his intros to males slowly as he was recently neutered.  He is a rescue favorite and we hope to find him a foster or forever home. Let us know if you are interested. If your information is not yet on file, our application can be found here:

Wiley – San Francisco, CA – – Adoption Pending

WileySitNameHe’s a 10mo guy who is great with dogs (his best friend is a male Great Dane). He was good with a cat in his former home but he is too interested in the ones in his foster home. He’s been around an infant but his exuberance is better suited for older children. He does have a habit of scarfing down objects from the floor so he’ll need to be watched to ensure that he doesn’t go through another obstruction surgery. If your information is not yet on file, our application can be found here:

Wiley Fun Fact: He totally respects the boundaries given by older dogs. When the Great Dane determines that play time is over, he simply drapes a big paw over Wiley who understands that this means “Game Over”.

Howie – Portland, OR – Adoption Pending


This gentle, big guy is amazing! He is truly a solid fellow with a super thick tail, huge paws, a huge head and a very soft mouth. Howie is really a big puppy and loves to explore everything on our walks. He is great on a leash and has to smell everything in his path. This social guy loves to check back with you during walks; and he has been quiet in his crate so far. Howie’s about 3 years old; and he weighs 55lbs.  He seems a little too excited when he sees other dogs but we hope he calms down a bit after his 9/25 neuter.

Note from Howie:  Hi! My name is Howie! I am amPEEdextrous – I can lift my right or left leg, all the way or part way, squat or aim at the air, or a tree/pole! Teehee…sometimes I dribble on my foster mom’s feetsies when I’m in hurry! Byeeeeeee!

Hayworth, Deaf – Reno, NV – – Adoption Pending


Welcome to the Hayworth Show! This lovable 66lb guy is deaf but you’d never know it! He’s unflappable with chickens and other dogs but will get quite worked up when he sees cats. He loves to climb on laps; and he’s a total massage addict! Hayworth is about 3-4 years old. He’s crate and house trained but will need a refresher on leash manners as he tends to tug during walks. He’s a messy eater, drools a ton, doesn’t care for toys and is a total DORK! He can have stubborn streaks during walks so be prepared to coax him back to walking mode. What can we say? The world revolves around Hayworth as he is irresistibly SPECIAL!  More pictures of Hayworth can be found in his Facebook photo album.

Buster – Sebastopol

BusterCollageBusterTireNameBuster is about 1.5 years old, he’s roughly 45lbs and great with all dogs so far. He’s energetic but calms down after two good long walks daily (he’d make a great running/walking companion). Buster’s good in a crate, seems to be house trained and just a bit spazzy on a leash. Wonderful goofy guy!!!

Tyson – Groveland, CA

Poor Tyson! A neighbor’s cat wandered into Tyson’s 5 acres and was allegedly killed by Tyson. Animal Control did not open a case this time as it was unknown whether Tyson really killed the cat, whether it was sick or whether Tyson played too roughly with it, however, Animal Control will seize and euthanize Tyson if there’s another incident with a cat or animal.

Since Tyson can escape his kennel run during the day, his owner is afraid that there will be another incident as there is no way to control any animals from entering her 5 acres of property. Tyson is 5 years old but he’s still very much like a puppy – he loves to play and would be a perfect running partner. He happily lives with a medium sized mixed breed female. Tyson has chased the resident cat so he spends his days outside in a kennel run and sleeps in a dog house at night. He can initially pull a bit on a leash and he’ll likely need a refresher on crate and house training. He has not really been exposed to younger children but has been fine with teens. Anyone have room for this charming 50lb guy? Our foster/adoption application can be found here:

Tyson Fun Fact: He loves to chase butterflies!