Howie – Portland, OR – Adoption Pending


This gentle, big guy is amazing! He is truly a solid fellow with a super thick tail, huge paws, a huge head and a very soft mouth. Howie is really a big puppy and loves to explore everything on our walks. He is great on a leash and has to smell everything in his path. This social guy loves to check back with you during walks; and he has been quiet in his crate so far. Howie’s about 3 years old; and he weighs 55lbs.  He seems a little too excited when he sees other dogs but we hope he calms down a bit after his 9/25 neuter.

Note from Howie:  Hi! My name is Howie! I am amPEEdextrous – I can lift my right or left leg, all the way or part way, squat or aim at the air, or a tree/pole! Teehee…sometimes I dribble on my foster mom’s feetsies when I’m in hurry! Byeeeeeee!

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