Hayden – San Jose, CA – – ADOPTED!

HaydenSit6NameHaydenSit4NameHayden is a BTRI alumnus who needs a new home as his family has to downsize; and they’ll be traveling extensively in the next few months. This 9yo guy is super potty trained and crate trained. He doesn’t mind being alone at home and is not destructive at all. He loves his chewy and his toys. He sleeps all day like a cat and at 5pm after he eats dinner, he will call attention for a walk or play time (he’ll do a soft bark at around 7pm to go out for a potty then sleeps the rest of the night – – he is extremely on schedule). He does not require a lot of activity but he does get frisky after he poops or eats dinner and would like to play. He likes walks but not far, like a mile or two to explore. Hayden needs to be the only pet as he is reactive to other dogs; and he is not a fan of the kitties. He is not overtly aggressive with other dogs but he will stare them down. This charming, super people-oriented guy is very worth his management around other dogs. Does anyone have room for this very good and loyal guy? If your information is not on file, please complete our application so that we can get to know you better (http://www.bullterrierrescue.org/?page_id=572).

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