Jack passed his evaluation with flying colors yesterday (10/2)! He is 75lbs of pure love, affection and gentleness! He was a pleasure to walk and although he seemed worried about a couple of Jack Russell Terriers coming towards him, he gladly complied with his owner’s request to “Sit” then ignored the little terrorists. Jack is an extremely happy guy who is always on an even keel. When he lived on a ranch, he was great with chickens and ducks and even horses as long as they didn’t run. He’d want to chase the cats there but could be diverted if you asked him to “Stop”. He was later found napping next to the same cat that he was thinking about chasing. Jack’s teeth are nice and clean, and he’s in apparent good health for a 7yo guy. His evaluators (thank you, Dorothy and Bob!) just couldn’t stop raving about him and would have taken him home to foster if their male BT would allow it. Is there a place that this wonderful couch potato can call home?

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