Bella in Reno
Meet Bella (middle dog) who was surrendered to a shelter because she was not good with livestock yet was placed in a ranch so back to the shelter she went. A Good Samaritan pulled her on her Euthanasia Day and has housed her for a month but commitments from a breeder to place her have fallen through. Bella is 9 months old; she is crate, house, leash and obedience (some basic) trained. She has been great with the medium/large dogs in her interim spot and also with the larger dogs that she has met. She is not good with cats, small dogs and livestock. She has been good with children that she met during walks but the shelter noted that she resource guarded a toy from a young child. She loves playing with water and balls and is self-entertaining as she can play with balls all day! We’d like to help her but can only do so if a BT-experienced foster spot is found or if someone fosters a kenneled dog to make room for her at our kennel. Bella is in the Reno area; we will be scheduling her evaluation in the next few days. Bella has been bounced around several homes since May so her ideal spot would be a foster-to-adopt one with older children. ~Suz

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